REE Modeles


Created by five enthusiasts transport and model railroading in France, the company Rails Europ Express's objective is to study and reproduce with the greatest possible accuracy, each model it develops.

The choice of models shown is the result of a thorough analysis of the market (the wishes of designers, magazines, models already reproduced). It also takes account of the different periods of circulation and changes the actual models have had to endure throughout their lives.

Each employee of our team ensures the strict application of the terms of our demanding specifications:

• Research and study models to reproduce (Technical Drawings consultancies manufacturer, realistic models still in circulation, archival photos and historical numbering, versions).

• Quality of reproduction (very precise work on the molds, plastic injection choice; realism and color accuracy, precision marking and numbering).

• High quality bearing and coupling system (flawless operation of our models in all operating configurations).

• Selection of the best partners (molding, assembly, digitizing, decoration) according to their specialization (wagons, coaches, locomotives)

• Continuous monitoring of manufacturing processes and assembly, by a person in our society there. • Monitoring of the models produced and after-sales service is a priority. (Technical assistance (phone, fax, email) and availability of all parts of the models produced).

REE is to inform its customers as regularly as possible the development of projects and meet announcements availability dates models.

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